About Us

RCB Enterprises is staffed by a team of web professionals with a combined experience of over 25 years in the internet business, our expertise extends across multiple platforms and technologies. Our company focus is client satisfaction in all areas. We strive to exceed our client's expectations, developing our projects on time, with superior quality and within budget.

RCB Hosting – The Company 

RCB Hosting is a web hosting company that is in a class of its own. We value customer satisfaction above profit. If you have a problem, RCB Hosting will fix it. If you have a need, RCB Hosting will fulfill it. 
We target 15 market types for our customer base: 

  • Religious organizations
  • E-Mail accounts
  • Non-Profit sites see non_profit hosting plans
  • Home based and small businesses 
  • Small & Medium E-Commerce Sites
  • Medium to Large businesses
  • SOHO sector
  • Lodging, Hotel industry
  • Clubs, Originations, Special interest
  • Government, federal, state, local
  • Colleges and Educational Institutions
  • Elementary, Middle, & High Schools
  • Sites that have special hosting needs see special hosting plans
  • Database sites, & E-commerce sites
  • Dance & instructional sites see special hosting plans

Because of this approach to marketing, RCB Hosting WILL NOT HOST, design, or promote web sites that contain hate filled literature, or anything harmful to children. We can not in good feeling,  support this type of hosting.    We want to help you make use of this new frontier, and keep it safe. some may not agree with this style of hosting.  but it is what we believe, and deeply feel.    if found in violation of this,  the account will immediately be terminated, without any re-fund of any kind.  See our Terms of Agreement for more information.

Make a decision you won't regret. Choose RCB Hosting

RCB Hosting is a division of RCB Enterprises Our Parent Company. it was formed in June of 2001, to consolidate 250 internet content domains. (listed below).  we offer to our customers a very high level of customer care service.  we care about our customers. because you are the ones who keep us in business.  and we want to make your very happy to be a part of our customer base.